The Hexagonal Hub of Canberra

We cannot leave out one other synchronicity, that of Wolfgang's invention of the Flatow Hexagonal Chess game having being made in Canberra.

Go to Google Earth, type in "Canberra" and click Search, and there it is, the Hexagonal Hub of Australia's Capital City. 

The hexagonal theme is scattered throughout the city in pavements and sculptures.

Wolfgang has pondered how Canberra's hexagons may have influenced the games invention.

Now consider this, Canberra - Hexagon City - has an adjacent city, just outside the Australian Capital Territory but virtually merged today, called Queanbeyan.

            Which is pronounced "Queen-Bee-Ann"! 

Considering Bees and hexagons are synonymous AND that like the Queen Bee the new Hexagonal Queen Chess Piece truly rules with 12 directions of travel, this is a highly amusing geographical, architectural and geometric synchronicity.



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