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All Pawn variations can move 2 hexagons directly forward on their first move.

All Pawn Variations CANNOT capture moving directly forward.

xChess has 3 variations of the Pawn:

  • Classic 3  Pawn moves one space forward and captures one hexagon at 60° left or right.
  • Power 6  Pawn moves and captures to 6 adjacent hexagons.
  • Super 12  Pawn moves and captures to 6 adjacent and 6 diagonal hexagons (same as King).

These can be combined with any of the 4 openings and create great variations in game play.

The Classic 3 Pawn is closest to the traditional square chess pawn.  It works best with the Flatow Opening.

It has been found that the great power of the major Hexagonal Chess Pieces is more balanced using the more capable Power 6 Pawn.

The Super 12  Pawn raises the Pawns to a formidable and versatile Chess Piece.  The diagonal move capability allows it to cover 3 hexagons (through side) in 2 moves.

The Power 6 and the Super 12  Pawn are recommended for all xChess Openings.

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