xChess is based on a Hexagonal Chess Game invented in Canberra Australia, in 1973 by Wolfgang Flatow. The Flatow Chess Board is a 65 hexagon 8 x 4 x 4 hexagonal matrix, one more hexagon than the traditional 64 square matrix.

The chess piece moves are intuitively and logically mapped by closely correlating adjacent and diagonal moves used by the traditional square Chess game. xChess has 2 openings, the Flatow opening can be played using a traditional set of pieces, having 2 bishops (all on the same diagonal grid) and the Fortress opening having 3 bishops (one for each diagonal grid) per side.

Two additional openings are included, McCooey and Glinski,  which are openings developed for the Glinski Chess Board yet work equally well on the Flatow Chess board.

Flatow Chess was refined over 2 years of intensive exploratory play by Canberra Chess enthusiasts and was self-published in 1976 in Australia.

The Flatow Chess Board and openings present the neatest and most compact form of Hexagonal Chess and xChess is the combination of the best openings and pawn variations discovered over the years.

The X in xChess stands for HeXagon, eXtra dimension, eXtra power, eXtra possibilities, eXtra fun and X Factor.

We trust you will enjoy xChess once you Take the Leap.


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