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xChess Board Game

The xChess Board Game with custom pieces is planned for publication in October 2016.

The first 1000 xChess Board Games will be serial numbered and signed.

To be notified and to secure a serial numbered and signed xChess Board Game send your email details by clicking: Reserve.

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Print to Play

You may print the xChess Rule Book and
xChess Board for personal use and play!
You can use traditional chess pieces to play.

A Chess Club may print one copy of the xChess Rule Book and xChess Board for each of its members.

Printing the xChess Rule Book double sided to A4 so that that 2 pages fit per page creates an excellent A5 Rule Book.

Printing the xChess Board to an A3 Sticker creates an excellent game board when applied to thick board.

xChess Rule Book  xChess Board 

xChess is based on a Hexagonal Chess Game invented in Canberra Australia, in 1973 by Wolfgang Flatow. The Flatow Chess Board is a 65 hexagon 8 x 4 x 4 hexagonal matrix, one more hexagon than the traditional 64 square matrix. The chess piece moves are intuitively and logically mapped by closely correlating adjacent and diagonal moves used by the traditional square Chess game.

The Flatow Chess Board and openings present the neatest and most compact form of Hexagonal Chess and xChess is the combination of the best openings and pawn variations discovered over the years.

The X in xChess stands for HeXagon, eXtra dimension, eXtra power, eXtra possibilities, eXtra fun and X Factor.

We trust you will enjoy playing xChess.

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